NEW GROUNDBRAKING OPTICS ARE HERE - 2-16x42 35mm FFP Mil/Mil, new 9-36x44 35mm SFP MOA/MOA Spyder compact, 1-10x26 35mm LTS-2 FFP Mil/Mil, 4-28x50 40mm RECON Tactical FFP Mil/Mil, 5.8-40x56 40mm Crusader Tactical FFP MOA/MOA, new Valdada 4.8-30x56 40mm G2 FFP Mil or MOA with 45 mil or 150 MOA of vertical adjustment, all built with HDF LOW DISPERSION GLASS. Valdada-IOR Tactical riflescopes are the most advanced in the world. Old European craftsmanship tradition meets modern design concepts and optical engineering to bring you the most repeatable, reliable, and optically perfect scope you can buy.

All our scopes feature glass from the ledgendary SCHOTT GLASSWERKE of Germany, etched reticles, steel ball bearings, and our proprietary MC-7 Wide-Band fully-multicoating process that inculdeds 7 to 11 layers of coatings PER LENS SURFACE. The highest level of quality in optical glass and coating technology that we use, translates into superior edge-to-edge resolution and clarity, fantastic low light performance and excellent resolving power at extreme long range.

The new Valdada 4.8-30x56 40mm G2 is a new concept scope produced in collaboration with Japan best manufacturer, using the finest Schott glass for the small diameter lenses and Japans finest Low Dispersion glass for the 56mm objective lenses. This new combination resulted in a brilliant image quality, with perfect color reproduction, contrast and light transmission. Not too warm not too much toward the Blue spectrum, just perfect!

MIL/MIL or MOA/MOA formats on several classic models and several new models with FIRST FOCAL PLANE (FFP) reticles. Valdada-IOR Optics offers now the most complete line of Tactical Precision scopes on the market.

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