Our premium SCOPE MOUNTS are made from 4140 steel, machined to 1913 Mil-spec Picatinny Standard. We use 4 mounting screws to secure our bases. Our 1913 mil-spec HD V-TAC bases are made as a one piece rail or in a 2-pc version that features an extended front portion for greater versatility. We have 1 pc. and 2 pc. available for most brands including: Remington, Weatherby, Winchester, Savage, Browning, Steyr, & Mauser 98. We also have Weaver style bases for most rifles, and we have 20 and 35 MOA bases in one piece rails for Remington, Savage and Winchester. We also make a 2pc picatinny base for SAKO rifles with the tapered dovetails so you can put any of our 35mm or 40mm scopes on your favorite SAKO!

Valdada Optics specializes in mounting solutions for a wide variety of firearms. We manufacture everything to the highest level of quality, with extremely tight specs and tolerances. We use High grade 4140 steel or 7075 aluminum for all products. Our heavy duty style V-TAC rings are a horizontal split ring with 4 mounting screws through the cap. You have a choice of 3 heights. Low is .250", Med is .500", and high is .750". We measure our rings from where they contact the top of the base (not down in the weaver or picatinny groove) to where the scope touches the bottom curve of the lower half of the ring. Our Stanag style rings come in .250" only and are to be used in our Stanag style base or an original Stanag style mount only. Quick Detach styles share the same specs as our HD series.